Monday, 21 October 2013

Mincemeat Cookies For Autumn

Now that we live out in the boondocks, we really have to use our gas wisely. So instead of frequent trips to the store, we have to plan better. So instead of running to the store when we get the munchies  I've been making my own cookies.

Last year I discovered mincemeat at Winco. It's seasonal, so I was sad that I couldn't get any more. Now they have it again! So I got 2 cups of it and made mincemeat cookies. I thought there would be a mincemeat cookie recipe on their site but there wasn't. So I got a recipe on line, and they are so delicious. They aren't even half gone and my boyfriend is already saying I should make more. Mincemeat cookie recipe.

I also got chocolate chips, but he wants me to make chocolate chip raisin cookies. I'm not so sure about that but I'll give it a try.

And I want to make an apple pie, since our neighbor gave us a ton of apples.

This heart shaped mincemeat cookie was a bit of serendipity.

Fresh out of the oven.

Mincemeat cookies make good holiday gifts.

Is it mean to show yummy virtual mincemeat cookies if you can't eat them?

Apple pie coming soon.

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