Monday, 28 July 2014

Watermelon and Mint Juice

Today's juice has only 2 ingredients: fresh seedless watermelon and fresh mint. Just a spring of mint and a whole bunch of watermelon in a blender. Easy peasy. Great for a hot weather treat. Very refreshing. Serve over crushed ice or chill in a pitcher in the fridge.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Paleo and Juicing Day One

This was day one of my new juicing Paleo diet. Going without bread wasn’t as hard as I’d feared. For breakfast I tried juicing. I was just getting into fruit/veggie juicing when I left Anaheim almost 2 years ago, but I never got back around to it. My daughter and her hubs had great success with it so I was inspired to give it another go.
Unfortunately I tried to whip together a concoction quickly because we were leaving for the Farmer’s Market in Apple Valley. Since I couldn’t get the frozen apricots apart, I just tossed a big glob into the blender. Then I added frozen apples and a small zucchini and about a cup of apple juice. I poured it into a cup, grabbed a spoon and hopped into the car. Unfortunately it came out the texture of apricot baby food. It probably would have been delightful over vanilla ice cream, but I pretty much had to gag it down because it was so tart. All I could taste was apricots! I hated throwing half of it away. It would have been much better to pour it into ice cube trays and use it for the next batch of juice. And I need to freeze tiny batches of fruit so this glob problem doesn’t happen again.
I did bum 3 French fries off my boyfriend at lunch.  I had a chef salad. I forgot I wasn’t supposed to have cheese though. I haven’t ordered the books yet so I’m easing my way into it.
Normally I have hummus with chips, but I decided to try celery instead. I actually liked it better! More refreshing. I know you aren’t supposed to have beans on the Paleo diet, but better to skip the chips and keep the beans than the other way around. Plus beans are high in fiber. I almost caved when my boyfriend opened a bag of Fritos (one of my favorite snacks) but I was full from the hummus (thank goodness).
I kept dinner simple. I just don’t get that hungry after a day that was 113 degrees! My boyfriend had made a chicken in the rotisserie so I had that and now I’m having cherries. Yum. I was never hungry today.  So day one was pretty much a success.